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As the American workforce continues to diversify and decentralize, work-related litigation issues become increasingly complex. Allegations ranging from the legitimate to the frivolous – and more difficult cases where human conduct is more subtle or opaque – can create expensive pitfalls for employers and distract any office from the business at hand.

Attorneys at Sperduto Thompson are experienced in counseling and successfully litigating employment issues and have represented employer defendants alleged to have discriminated on the grounds of sex, age, race, and national origin. Sperduto Thompson aids its clients in making business decisions concerning which claims are worth litigating, and which are more efficiently resolved otherwise.

The firm is experienced in the full array of Human Relations management issues, including workplace policy on confidentiality, privacy, drug use and evaluation, discrimination, and hostile work environments. It is also experienced in counseling, negotiation, and litigation related to complex executive employment agreements, including non-competition terms, change of control, and severance terms. Mr. Rauch recently authored an article on the importance of effective employer investigatory and termination procedures.

The firm's employment-related cases include ERISA; Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act; Railway Labor Act; age, race, and sex discrimination; wrongful discharge; tortious interference with collective bargaining agreements; pension claims; and breach of contract claims, among others. We assisted with a case that included 88 plaintiffs, alleging 18 claims for relief involving alleged violations at international airports located in three different states. Our representation of the National Football League Players Association involved, either directly or indirectly, issues arising from the Association's status as a labor union.








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