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Sperduto Thompson serves a diverse group of intellectual property and licensing clients in the areas of license formation and enforcement and joint technology development agreements. In licensing litigation we specialize in examination of the means and methods by which licensees avoid royalty obligations. We have a successful track record in uncovering such royalty ruses and recovering unpaid royalties on behalf of licensors victimized by such fraud. The intellectual property practice is as innovative as our clients’ latest projects.

The firm represented the National Football League Players Association in a suit that involved seven star quarterbacks in complex commercial litigation concerning players' licensing rights. The firm has also negotiated and participated in transactions on behalf of multimedia companies to obtain intellectual property rights from artists and authors.

The firms’ attorneys are well-versed and experienced in formation of joint technology development agreements to provide for technology sharing and product development, technology workshop collaboration, and royalty sharing terms. We provide counsel to government contractors in regard to preservation of data rights and patent rights for small and large businesses.

The firms’ experience also includes litigations and administrative proceedings in regard to complex antitrust or market regulation issues. Kim Sperduto was involved in the NFLPA's antitrust litigation against the NFL and in antitrust challenges to an acquisition in the waste management industry, obtaining Department of Justice approval despite an adverse DOJ staff recommendation. In addition, Mr. Sperduto was on a team of lawyers that prosecuted Royal Crown Cola's successful challenges of the proposed Coke/Dr. Pepper and Pepsi/7-Up acquisitions, at the time, the largest mergers ever proposed in soft drink industry history. The firm also appeared before the Department of Transportation on airline route authority proceedings and other regulatory matters.








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